A Day In My Life

Boys Suck

Yes, yes they do. When it comes to boys I feel like I’m drowning, and I hate it. Like is it so hard to just wanna be happy with someone? To have that teenage romance that everyone else has.

My ex that I’m still so infatuated with to the point I think I’m falling in love with him is a selfish asshole. But at the same time he isn’t. Like he has his reasons and at least he was honest about everything. However he left me an still wants to be all over me. It’s emotionally draining, and all I ever seem to do anymore is cry over him. I hate it.

I know, I know. Move on Sara. Yeah, she tried it and the shit didn’t work. They either just want sex or because you have them a side hug in the hallway and said hi you’re moving way too fast. Like come fucking on please.

I’m not a picky girl you know, I don’t ask a lot from people, but relationships just never seem to work for me. It sucks. Boys suck.