A Day In My Life

Bumps In The Road

I haven’t been active much on here as of late, and there are quite a few reasons for that. One would be I don’t have my phone, which is what I would usually use to write blog posts, and another one is that there’s just so much going on with my family.

If you’ve been following me I did a post around Christmas time talking about how I wish someone would give me a reason to stay here. Long story short I thought I found someone, but then just like everyone else he left me. I’m not even sure how I feel about the whole thing. To be completely honest I think that there was someone else he’d been talking to. He was that guy that was just too good; he said all the right things, did everything right, and had everything I’d want. But once we hit the two week mark I kind of knew he was to good to be true. I didn’t mind that, and I should’ve. But I didn’t. I hate him for making me feel like this.

On the other hand now, I have no one tying me back. I’m also aware that time will heal all wounds, and I’ll feel a lot better in the next week or so. I know how it all works, it’s just a process. Besides it’s not like I can’t get someone else, but I wanted something meaningful.

Anyway it’s just all bumps in the road, and in time everything will be ok. Now with my writing, well haven’t done any of that either since I don’t have my phone, and everything just happens to be in my notes. Not only does not having my phone hurt my writing it also kills my reading, all my ebooks are on my kindle app on my phone.  It’s sad. Anyways I have to be going!