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Book Review: Ty Hard (Willow Springs Ranch Book 1) By L.E. Harner


Here’s the description:

Tyler has used Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell as a shield against the truth since he was seventeen. Cut loose from his Navy career and mourning his mentor’s death, Ty must come to terms with his desires for another man even while he fights to keep the PTSD from pulling him under.

Rancher Cass Cartwright’s relationships never last more than a few hours, and that’s just the way he likes it. Now he’s done the one thing he swore never to do: fallen in love. Can Cass convince Ty to let go of his past or will sabotage at the ranch kill their love before it has a chance to grow?

Review Time!:

Let me start off with with saying if you like M/M books, especially ones with hot cowboys then this is for you.

I gave this book 5/5 stars on goodreads. I absolutely adored both men. Both were alphas, not one making the other one looking like some little bitch. I really liked that. Another thing is, the author did an amazing job with the descriptions. They blew me out of the water.

I’m gonna finish this series at some point. I’m addicted and I need more. So take that for what it’s worth, I’d recommend this to any of my friends.