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Book Review: Winter’s Heart by A.C. Warneke

The world ends and begins with Winter

Flynn Rogers fell in love with the actor Winter Mitchell when she was twelve and he played the 500-year-old vampire on her favorite television series. She fell in love with the man Winter Mitchell when she was twenty-one and she was hired by his fiancée to plan her son’s birthday. But in the land of Make Believe things are very rarely how they appear and Flynn is going to discover that the man beneath the mask is worth selling her soul.

Winter Mitchell is living a carefully constructed illusion, a role he assumed when he had been lost amongst the wolves. Even though the world believes he’s engaged to the beautiful Melissa Irish, nothing could be further from the truth. He is content living the lie until Flynn Rogers crashes into his life and she is unlike anyone he has ever known. She has no filter between her thoughts and her tongue, she’s cautious yet wildly inquisitive, and he pursues her with single-minded determination, reclaiming pieces of himself that he had lost along the way.

Secrets and Passion bind them together
Lust and Deception pull them apart
And Love… Love rules their hearts.

Winter’s Heart is the blazing romance that will melt your kindle and set your sheets on fire.

The Review~

I gave this book a 4/5 stars on goodreads. Now let’s get into it.

Flynn and her sister Fallon are out in LA for a year so that Fallon can try her hand at becoming a famous actress. Meanwhile, Flynn’s off working as a party planning at a family friends business. That’s how everything starts.

Flynn goes into work one day an is handed a new job, an it’s one she wasn’t quite expecting. The job is to plan a party for Melissa Irish’s son Storm. However, along with Melissa being America’s sweetheart she also has a fiancée that Flynn is all too familiar with. Winter Mitchell, Flynn’s childhood tv crush.

Now I don’t give spoilers so let me tell you my thoughts on this bad boy. I don’t know what it was about this, but I wasn’t into it at first. After I got past the first few chapters I was hooked.

I loved the whole storyline, though it’s not the most unique, it was all done very well. The hot sex was perfectly described and so were the characters. I’d recommend this one to any of my girlfriends. Especially if they were going through a break up, like I was when I read it, because it gets your mind off the whole world.

I got so wrapped up in Flynn and Winter’s relationship. I loved every minute of it.