A Day In My Life · Motivation

New Hair, New Me


Yes I got hair all did up. Well I did it, but whatever. I love it. It’s all new an fresh.

With my new hair comes a new me. I’ve found a new level of confidence. I always have loved to be blonde, but I hate the flat platinumness some have. So it’s safe to say I’ve found the perfect mix for me. I’ve got some golden tones, with some platinum streaks, and a lil bit of red an brown through the bottom.

To top off the amazing ness that’s my new hair an confidence, I’ve got the love of my life back. I couldn’t be happier about that. He’s the only one I’ve really fell in love with ever, and we were able to work through our problems. Which is really his parents problems.

So my last week has been perfect. How are y’all doin?