A Day In My Life · Motivation

Car Buying

This weekend was interesting. I mean hey, I would say getting a new car is interesting. 

That’s my baby. 2002 Honda Civic EX. I have to say though the whole process of buying it was way different than I had thought it would be. A lot less hassle, but I may have just gotten lucky. I mean the lady we bought it from have me free windsheild wipers. 

So now my mom has to get the title switched, an get it inspected, get tags, an brakes for the front. I can’t wait to drive it. I’ll have all these little spots where I can go to be alone when doing my writing. Plus I’ll be able to work more since I’ll have my own transportation, so I can finance my writing. Like editing, formatting, and costs of the like. 

So excited! 

How was y’all’s weekend?