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The Hard Truth 

ok guys remember when I said I’d be publishing some short stories in a couple of weeks? Well things have changed yet again. 

The reason I was going to be able to do so was because I was getting a new Mac book pro, and the formatting software vellum. Right now I don’t have a computer at all, and trips to the library are hard to come by. Sadly, I’m going to have to wait on those purchases. My car blew a head gasket, and now I’m going to have to use the money I had saved for a new engine. This only means things will be momentarily placed on hold. 

Once I have some more money available I WILL make the purchases. I don’t want to produce a shitty product. I won’t stand for that. So I hope people understand that I have to get an engine. I have to be able to get back and forth to school. I don’t have any other options right this moment. 

Furthermore this is not something I’m happy to admit. I was so happy that I was finally going to be able to hit publish on something. But I guess all good things come to those who wait. 

A Day In My Life · AmWriting

Novel Progression 

Ugh. Vendetta. Ugh. I started writing the novel about two years ago, and I had to stop because of some hectic times with my family. It was a mess. I picked it back up in December, and it’s turned into a series. I’m not even sure how many books in total it will be. Maybe three. Maybe more. Who knows, where the story takes me. 

 I’m to the point where I love this story, it’s amazing, but things just aren’t progressing smoothly. It’s become a pain in my ass to be truthful. It’s not a project I wanna walk away from.  That’s not an option for me. I don’t quit. It’s just a major headache. 

I’m just hoping I can get through this without any more major rewrites. Rewrites are evil, and it seems to be like that’s all I’m doing. I’m struggling here. 32k in and struggling. 

A Day In My Life

ASVAB Scores Are In!!!

Today has been one of those hectic days. It started out agonizingly slow, and people have been trying my patience. However, some good has come out of it all. 

Alongside my writing career my other dream has always been to become a surgeon. College and med school are crazy expensive, and I honestly never thought I’d be able to do it. That being said going through the military has always been an option. I took the ASVAB last month and my scores are in. I got an 88.  I’m beyond happy, and now I might actually be able to accomplish this aswell. 

A Day In My Life · AmWriting


I have some major news for you guys! I know I’ve been MIA for quite some time, but I haven’t stopped writing. Thanks to that I am able to say that I will be publishing a couple short stories on Amazon within the next couple of weeks. My fingers are crossed, and I’m so excited. 

On the other hand the two novels I have been working on won’t be published until a later date. It depends on my health, as well as school. However I am eager to finish them as well. If you wanna keep in touch sign up for my newsletter! Newsletter Sign Up

I’m looking forward to being active once again, and moving forward in my writing career. I hope you stick along for the ride.