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Novel Progression 

Ugh. Vendetta. Ugh. I started writing the novel about two years ago, and I had to stop because of some hectic times with my family. It was a mess. I picked it back up in December, and it’s turned into a series. I’m not even sure how many books in total it will be. Maybe three. Maybe more. Who knows, where the story takes me. 

 I’m to the point where I love this story, it’s amazing, but things just aren’t progressing smoothly. It’s become a pain in my ass to be truthful. It’s not a project I wanna walk away from.  That’s not an option for me. I don’t quit. It’s just a major headache. 

I’m just hoping I can get through this without any more major rewrites. Rewrites are evil, and it seems to be like that’s all I’m doing. I’m struggling here. 32k in and struggling.