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Daily Writing Update (4,5,6,7)

The Last Four Days

I haven’t been doing much of anything these past few days. It’s that time of the month, if you know what I mean, and the pain has been nearly unbearable. Today has been better though, and because of that I have been able to get some stuff done. Not much.  But some. To me something little accomplished is better then laying in bed all day in pain. 

A Day In My Life · AmWriting · Daily Writing Update · Word Count Check In

Daily Writing Update (3)

Today’s Outcome

Today was pretty good as far as my writing goes. I got 478 words done on the prequel, and added in a new twist that I think will make things much more interesting. 

Plans For Tomorrow

Well I have a lot to type up. Like thousands of words. I also want to maybe finish the prequel tomorrow. I wanted to finish it today, but I added the new twist and things took off. 

What are your writing plans for tomorrow?

A Day In My Life · AmWriting · Daily Writing Update · Word Count Check In

Daily Writing Update (2)

Today’s Outcome 

Today I got 300 words even on the prequel. As I find myself further into the story I’m feeling like maybe this should be the first novellette instead of just a prequel. Just a thought.

Another thing that happened today, I got quite a bit done on the computer. Which comfortably put my word count around 1200. 

Plans For Tomorrow 

Tomorrow I’ll have a lot going on, and it’s going to be hella stressful. So that being said I’m not making any goals. I’m just going to see how things go. 

A Day In My Life · AmWriting · Daily Writing Update

Daily Writing Update (1)

Today’s Outcome

As promised here is the update on my writing. Today I managed 775 words on a prequel novelette to a erotic romance series I have sort of planned. More like an idea than a plan really, but everything is coming along quite well. I wanted to push for a thousand words today, but it’s getting late. 

Plans for Tomorrow 

Tomorrow I want to finish up this prequel. I’ve been fiddling with it for a while, and it’s time to finish the damn thing already. Aside from that I might switch gears a little, and take some stabs at a chick lit novel. We shall see. 

A Day In My Life · AmWriting

Why Write?

Today was yet another trying day for me. More car issues and pressure from the family. By family I mean my mother. If you’ve been following me for a while you know how it always goes. I get depressed. 

So here’s what happened. I’m sitting down, sipping on a warm cup of my favorite coffee, and reading over some stuff I’ve written over the past few days. She comes in and asks me why I’m even writing if I’m not publishing anything. Of course I went back at her with a smart remark, but I later questioned myself. Why do I write? 

I write soley for myself. Not only to keep myself at peace, but to create the books that I would want to read. For me my writing is my outlet, and it’s fun to create the new worlds and characters. No I haven’t published anything as of yet, but I’m building a backlist. I WILL publish. Maybe not now, not next week, but I will. When I do I won’t be in it for the money, I’ll be in it for me. 

Now that begs the question my friends, why do you write?

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A Day In My Life · AmWriting

To Write or Not To Write: Erotic Romance

So there’s this short I’ve been dabbling around with has sparked a new idea within my brain. The idea behind the story is a girl had met this guy, she falls for him, but he leaves her broken hearted. She gets flashes of their last night together in a dream, and when she wakes she decides she wants to die. Only he saves her. 

I really do like this story, but it’s really short, and I want to expand the idea. Which is how I was led to erotic romance. However, at the same time I’m conflicted. Do I expand it with erotic romance in mind, or as new adult. I really can’t decide. I’d love to hear any input or experiences you guys may have. 

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