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Daily Writing Update (12) +A Peak Into My Brain

This evening I am not only going to talk about my progress, or lack thereof, as I normally would. I also am going to say my piece on something that bothers me quite a bit. How authors can treat one another. 

Today I got 200 words out. The story I’m working on has plateaued for me, and I’m not sure what to do about it. This sort of feeling towards a story hasn’t happened to me before. I’m hoping that if I put it aside for the time being, and work on something else for the next few days I’ll see a change towards it. 

I’ve been writing since I can’t remember. Creating stories in my head that I wanted to share with others. Along the way I discovered various websites and forums where us authors, published or not, could share our works and expirences. I believe that these places are a useful tool, but people can also take things too far. Which is why I personally limit myself to certain places. 

Not to long before I sat down to write this post I was browsing the Kboards Writer’s Cafe. I came across a post where a new author was  publicly naming another author that was established within the same genre, and accused her for ghostwriting. Now who cares if her books are ghostwritten or not right? But the thing is why do we have to be rude to one another? To pick at one another in such attempts to ruin someone’s name. 

Personally I have had my own issues with others rudeness. Even on the sites I limit myself to. I just don’t think we need to be mean to one another. 

I am aware that on some level we are all in a competition of sorts. Who can sell the most books. However we help each other quite often, sometimes without even realizing so.  We don’t need to claw at each other, to be successful.