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BOOK REVIEW: Dark Awakening (The Kategan Alphas #2) by T.A. Grey

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Genre: Eroctic Romance // Thriller // Suspense

Series: Yes, this is the second book it the series. However, these books do not need to be read in order as T.A. Grey focuses on different characters in each book. If you would like to see my review of the first book, The Mating Cycle, click here.


Once a vibrant woman, Alison Bennson suffered a terrible trauma in the past. When her past crashes back into her life, Alison must turn to the Kategans for help. Rome Kategan has been a haunting thought in her mind ever since she met the grinning rogue. If only she was the woman she used to be she could enjoy the sexy male, but instead she is haunted and fearful for the future.

Her past has emerged with vengeance and with one purpose in mind for Alison—death. Rome Kategan swears to protect Alison with a passionate determination that frightens Alison almost more than her past. Now, in the midst of danger, Rome must protect the woman he loves and convince her to be his mate.


When I first began reading Dark Awakening  I honestly wasn’t expecting to like it more than I had liked The Mating Cycle. To me Sarina and Vane were the shit. However, I can say that I was pleasantly surprised.

In The Mating Cycle as a reader we are given a glimpse of Alison Bennson as the best friend of Sarina. In the first book we were told that Alison has had a rough past, especially when it came to men, but in Dark Awakening we get to know her at a whole new level. Her passions show through just as much as the skeletons from her closet.

I feel like T.A. Grey deserves some pretty big props for writing this book. I say that because with each book her writing just keeps getting better, and the character development is on point. The pacing was perfect for me, and I didn’t feel like the characters were rushed into the decisions that they made. They did things at their own pace even when things got hot and heavy.

I know after I finish reading the next book I’m going to be eating my words, but I think this is my new favorite of the series. I just feel like Alison is so likable and relatable. She’s young, has a great personality, and major guy problems. I feel like any girl my age can relate to that, even if it isn’t to the same exact circumstances.

There are so many good things that I can say about Dark Awakening that I don’t want to mention the bad. But I have to. There was a small issue and one quite big one in my opinion.

The small issue was just the odd typo or misspelled word. It wasn’t something major, so it really didn’t bother me. There really weren’t that many of them.

However, the bigger issue was kind of a plot hole. If you aren’t one for any sort of spoilers I would skip this section of the review. Alison and Rome have sex a couple of times during her breeding cycle, and he cums inside of her. After this happens there was a brief moment in the book where pregnancy was brought up as a possibility, but it was only a couple of sentences. After that it was not brought up for the remainder of the book, but I believe that it really should’ve been discussed further. Personally I feel like it leaves a hole in the plot.

So all in all I did really love this book. I loved Alison and Rome, the were honestly perfect. I also loved getting to see the characters from the last book re appear again in this one. I give this book a 4 out of 5 stars. I really wish it could’ve been a 5 star book.

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