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On Blogging | Where To Promote Your Blog Posts

Hello everyone! I’m back at it yet again to deliver you a, hopefully, helpful post On Blogging. Today I’m going to share with you my favorite places to promote on and which sites I get results from, as well as what sites I tend not to target as much.

The sites I don’t really use:


I don’t like Facebook very much, and I haven’t bothered with it to be honest. So, I really can’t give you any info on whether it’s worth your time.

However I do receive the occasional visitor from Facebook via posts of mine that other people have shared. It’s not a significant source of traffic for me.


I’ve tried it and to be honest it didn’t do much for me. Like at all.

I would say that if you are a DIY or beauty blogger it may be more beneficial to you.
The sites that I do use:


Twitter is my main performer. Most of my monthly page views come from this platform.

I find that using blogger retweet accounts help loads, as well as using the appropriate hash tags.

Some of the retweet accounts I use are

@FemaleBloggerRT and @BloggersBlast

Those two have worked for me when it comes to getting my posts some traction on Twitter. There are loads of them though, so dig around and see which ones work the best for you.

I also schedule my tweets with an app called Buffer. It is amazing and definitely helps me keep my posts out there. I would highly recommend using it.

This one works quite well, but it’s a steady climb. When I first signed up it was like crickets, but now I see maybe one or two views a week.

It’s a platform where you have to be quite active, and I think if I was it would bring more views than it currently does.

WordPress Reader

I know this is exclusive to WordPress based bloggers, but I think it often gets over looked. It also is something you have to work at in order to gain traction, but it is well worth doing so. Liking fellow blogger’s posts or commenting is another good way to get your name out there.


I know that bloggers rave about Pinterest bringing loads of traffic to their blogs, but I just don’t see it. I am diligently on Pinterest and I might get one view a day if I’m lucky.

I believe that if you have a auto pinning app then maybe it might be worth it, but other wise I wouldn’t put all my eggs in one basket.
There you go! I hope this help you in some way. Whether you’re new and just trying to figure things out or you’re trying to see what has worked for someone else, I hope you were able to find this helpful. I am someone who struggles at times to gain traffic and these sites have helped me considerably.


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