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Book Review | Writing a Book a Week by Alex Foster

Genre: How To // Self-Help

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My writing method is a focus on writing short, high quality books that bring value to readers. Most of my methods are for nonfiction, but many examples and ideas work well for fiction books, too.
Learn how to be profitable writing a book a week for Kindle and other book sites. The process is a true test of discipline and character. I share ideas that work for writing under this model and the motivation and mindset it takes to succeed.
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Usually I’m not one to read how to books, but I was browsing through the free section. I though why not give it a go, right?

I think that Foster offers up a lot of information on the way he does things, and I didn’t really have a problem with that. I didn’t feel that his opinions were being forced upon me as I read the book. It was more like he was offering up info, tips and tricks that worked for him ignorer for someone else to use at their leisure.

Is this a book for everyone?

No I don’t believe so. This is more geared towards the novella, short story, or serial writer. If you write anything above 35k words, then the approach that Foster takes might not work as well for you. However I do believe that new writers, regardless of the length of their works, could very well benefit from taking a look at this.

There are two reasons why I gave this a 4 out of 5 star rating. One was that while it was good to hear someone else’s perspective on how they view writing, Foster’s view really didn’t apply to me. While I do occasionally write short stories, my main focus lays with novels that range from 50k-100k words long. The second reason was one that really just because I hate when self-published authors do it. “It” being that the author published multiple versions of the same book under slightly different titles, as well as stuffed the titles with key words. I just personally find it unprofessional to do that.

Alright guys, those are my thoughts on this book. Have any of you read it? Are you planning on giving it a go? Also, because I’m curious, if you too are a writer what do you write?(Novels, short stories, etc.)

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