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Decisions, Decisions 

Over the course of the last year my life has drastically changed. I moved back in with my mother, started writing more seriously, and begun to think about a career aside from writing. Eventually I want my writing to be my sole income, but that takes time. Sadly, time doesn’t pay the bills. 

As some of you may already know, my goal was to major in biology and go to medical school. That was always my second dream. One being a full time writer. Now, with the way things have changed I don’t think that dream of becoming a doctor will be fulfilled. Money has always been a huge issue for my family, and sadly I can’t work because of SS. I’m hoping the way the money flows will change after my portion starts going directly into my account in April. But even with that, it’s not going to pay college tutition. 

Something else you all may or may not know is that I have spoken to a couple of different recruiters for the military. It’s a nice option with my 88 ASVAB score. Enlisting would allow me to pay my bills, save money, and finance my writing. 

But I keep flip flopping between the two choices. Do I go to college and collect a mountain of debt while barely scrapping by on minimum wage, or join the military and not have a job I’m going to be happy with. It’s very tough for me, because I want to be financially secure, but at the very same time I want to be happy with my job. 

Another pitfall of enlisting would mean I have to lose a lot of weight. Currently I’m 183.6 lbs, and have lost a total of 3.5lbs since speaking with the recruiter earlier this month. To meet requirements I have to be less then 35% body fat or 156lbs. It’s hard to lose that kind of weight, and they want it gone by summer. I’m struggling with what I should do. 

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College Stress

So again for the 100th time this week I’m stressing about what college do I wanna go to. It sucks major monkey butt.

I’ll be headed to college in less than 2 years now, and I have to make a decision. Doesn’t help that the college lady at my school is on me like white on rice.

The ultimate goal is med school. So I’m gonna be a biology major by default. I could go to any undergrad school I want with my GPA. I’m just indecisive.

I think getting out of state would be my best bet. I wanna be away from all the drama at home. So I’ve highly considered my dream college WVU. My best friend lives in Morgantown so I’d know someone. However, I think I want a completely new start.

That being said there’s Alabama State, or University of Alaska Fairbanks Campus.

Alabama State would be my last choice. The end game is to be in Alaska, I want to retire there an have my own land. So in retrospect it’s one step closer. At least I’d have more of a feel of the area.

I honestly don’t know. For now it’s up in the air, as it gets closer I’m hoping things will fall in place.