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My Five Goals For May

I just want to say that I’m sorry this post is like two weeks late. I just have a lot going on all at once.

It’s crazy how time just flies, isn’t it? I feel like it was just last week that I had started my senior year of high school, and here I am with less than a month until graduation.

This month has already been busy, and I know that it’s going to continue to be as such. Therefore, I am going to be quite conservative when it comes to my goals for the month of May.


  • Post three book reviews this month
  • Read five new books
  • Stay active on social media
  • Finish course registrations (this may not be able to be done this month due to CollegeBoard)
  • Drink more water


These goals seem pretty attainable for me to accomplish, or so I’m thinking. I have a stack of finished books that I need to finish writing reviews for, and I have more books lined up that I have to read for review. I just really want to get caught back up on that front. As well as I want to stay active on social media. I find that when I become busy I tend to forget about Twitter and Pinterest among other social media platforms.

Apart from those things I would really like to finish registering for classes at my local community college. However, I may not be able to do the bulk of it until July so I will have to see how it goes. Also, I need to drink more water. I’ve cut out sodas completely over the last couple of months, but I still don’t find myself drinking enough water. So that’s another thing that I really want to improve upon.

What are your goals for the month of May?


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Where Has Time Gone? | March Goals 

I honestly just looked at the WordPress post calendar thingy and noticed that it was March. Like what?!?! Where did the time go? So here I am to tell you all my goals for the month of March. 

I’m keeping very simple this month. No extreme or crazy goals are going to be made. 

1. Write everyday 

-At least 500 words per project

2. Read 3 books a week and post reviews of them

3. Pinterest 

-Create inspo boards for all projects

-Pin my blog posts

4. Go to the gym

-nothing specific, just get in the gym multiple times a week

There you have it four simple goals that I think are pretty easily attainable. I’m really interested in seeing what happens this month with my writing. I’m really starting to get on a roll with Anastasia’s Rising. 

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January 2017 Wrap-Up

January wasn’t the best or easiest month for me. There were a lot of bad moments during last month. A family member died, and figuring everything out with that was basically a shit show. Harsh but the truth. 

Anyway, looking back at my goals that I had set I can say that I did complete some of them. Im also going to talk about the books I’ve read this month, and the progress I’ve made with my writing. 

January Goals:

1. Post a New Blog Entry 2-3 times a week

I started strong with this at the beginning of the month, but I was not able to follow through entirely. 

2. Become More Active on Social Media

I think that I can say that I completed this. I wasn’t really on instagram, but I was on twitter. A lot. 

3. Finish All of my College Apps

By the end of January this was happily completed to my liking. I managed to get all submitted with the supplemental documents as well. 

4. Stop Drinking Soda

Did this as well! It really has made a difference in how I feel, and I don’t know why I had started drinking it again in the first place. 

5. Be in The Gym 3-5 Days a Week

This was another thing that I started out strong with, but didn’t end up following through. With the death in the family, and my own health problems that decided to pop up it just wasn’t happening. Even now I’m not cleared to do anything besides walk on a treadmill, and I can happily do that at home. 

Books I Read This Month:

Goodreads Links

Playing With Trouble by Joya Ryan
A Vampire’s Christmas Carol by Cynthia Eden
The Breeders (Breeders #1) by Katie French
I read a grand total of three books this past month. That is way below normal for  me, but with everything that was going on it’s something I can understand. The plus side is that I was able to do a full review,here on my blog and on Goodreads, for each book that I completed. 

Something new was that I also joined NetGalley. I have a couple of books out that I’m reading and preparing for review. 

Writing Status:

This whole month I only wrote 4,900 words on one project. Also not good. However I do plan to amp it up this month, and get on the grind. 

Monthly Goals

January 2017 Goals

Hey everyone! I hope you all are doing well. As you can see from the title of this post I will be posting about my goals for this month. I’m leaning towards doing this at the beginning of each month, and then doing sort of like a wrap up as well. You know, so I can see what I’ve been able to accomplish.  


1. Post a new blog entry 2-3 times a week.

– I want to start doing different types of posts. I’m thinking writing updates, book reviews, tbr’s, and maybe other things as well. 

2. Become more active on social media

– I already have a twitter and a Instagram, but I want to more active when it comes to posting quality content. I also want to experiment with Pinterest. 

3. Finish all of my college applications 

– I have already submitted ten, but there are a few more schools on my radar. 

4. Stop drinking soda 

– For a while I had quit. I was strictly drinking water, tea, and coffee. I felt so much better and that’s something I want to get back to. There are so many health benefits to kicking a soda habit

5.Get my butt in the gym at least 3-5 days a week. 

– With winter well set in, it’s been hard to motivate myself. But I need to do it. For a long time the gym was my sanctuary, and I need that back. 

So there you go everyone, five goals for the month of January. I wanted to start off small so I don’t get overwhelmed, but I can’t wait to see what I’ve accomplished come February.