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Daily Writing Update (18)

This post is for yesterday, not today, because I am lucky enough to have a case of the flu. Lovely right?

Anyway yesterday wasn’t amazing. I got 74 words. Now I’m going to go back to sleep. Ciao   

A Day In My Life · AmWriting · Daily Writing Update · Motivation · Word Count Check In

Daily Writing Update (17)

Well hey there guys, it’s been a minute. Sorry for my absence. To sum it up; I’ve been writing, quite a lot actually, and I’ve been depressed. These past few weeks have been rough, and it is still rough. It’s hard to get up every morning, and it’s hard to be functional. But I’m making progress, and I really think my writing has helped a lot. I’ve been able to escape through the worlds I’ve created, and I’m so thankful that I was blessed with a computer and scrivener. They are my besties. 

So now onwards to the wordage!

I finished chapter 14 and have made great progress on 15. Totaling up as 437 words. I’m not done yet, but it’s tomorrow here.  So, technically these were yesterday’s words. 

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On Writing | 4 Tips To Help Productivity


Be productive. That means put your butt in that chair, and get writing. Whether it’s pen and paper, on the laptop, or your phone. Just do it.

I know being productive is something we all struggle with sometimes. For me it’s more often then not. So I’m gonna let you in on some of the ways I find I’m most productive. A few tips and tricks if you will.

1. Have Background Noise 

I don’t know about you, but I have to have some kind of something making noise. The quiet eats away at my brain and makes me wanna scream. The sound helps me focus. Plus, if I happen to put on music, depending on the genre, helps me get in the mood.

2. Turn Off That Phone!

I’m most productive when I turn my phone off and don’t even look at it. Cell phones can be huge distractions.

3. Have A Outline

Now this is a must have. Your outline is your road map telling you where you’re going. So this is something you’ll need to maximize productivity. If you’d like to know more about my opinion on outlining, or ways to outline, Click Here

4. Coffee & Snacks

These are a must have too. Seriously. You need to be well caffeinated and not hungry – at least I do. Helps me focus better. Without caffeine I can get severe headaches.
Well there you go, some of my own personal tips and tricks. What are some of yours?

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A Reason Why I Write


Originally when I first sat down to write Vendetta I was writing it because I couldn’t find something like it. I wanted something that wasn’t so mainstream. Meaning a different take on vampires and werewolves and the like. So I put my own spin on it. 

With that being said I’m also a huge crime/mystery/thriller fan, so of course I added some of those elements too. All in all I wanted to be able to write that book I’ve always wanted to read. 

I also just wanted to write. I’ve always enjoyed writing, and creating stories and characters. As of right now I literally have a flash drive full of plot bunnies. More gets added each day. 

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So last night I finally hit 8k on Vendetta. I have to say I’m pretty pleased with myself. I’m hoping to have some more free time here soon, and then I’ll really start working on it heat. 

I’ll also be glad when my car is all together. Then I can grab coffee, and go sit in an empty parking lot. My biggest problem is being able to focus. There is just too much going on around, and I always feel like everyone in the house is watching me. I don’t like that. 

So here’s to getting more accomplished! Even slow progress counts; progress is still progress. 

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Car Buying

This weekend was interesting. I mean hey, I would say getting a new car is interesting. 

That’s my baby. 2002 Honda Civic EX. I have to say though the whole process of buying it was way different than I had thought it would be. A lot less hassle, but I may have just gotten lucky. I mean the lady we bought it from have me free windsheild wipers. 

So now my mom has to get the title switched, an get it inspected, get tags, an brakes for the front. I can’t wait to drive it. I’ll have all these little spots where I can go to be alone when doing my writing. Plus I’ll be able to work more since I’ll have my own transportation, so I can finance my writing. Like editing, formatting, and costs of the like. 

So excited! 

How was y’all’s weekend?

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New Hair, New Me


Yes I got hair all did up. Well I did it, but whatever. I love it. It’s all new an fresh.

With my new hair comes a new me. I’ve found a new level of confidence. I always have loved to be blonde, but I hate the flat platinumness some have. So it’s safe to say I’ve found the perfect mix for me. I’ve got some golden tones, with some platinum streaks, and a lil bit of red an brown through the bottom.

To top off the amazing ness that’s my new hair an confidence, I’ve got the love of my life back. I couldn’t be happier about that. He’s the only one I’ve really fell in love with ever, and we were able to work through our problems. Which is really his parents problems.

So my last week has been perfect. How are y’all doin?