A Day In My Life · College · Road To MedSchool

College Stress

So again for the 100th time this week I’m stressing about what college do I wanna go to. It sucks major monkey butt.

I’ll be headed to college in less than 2 years now, and I have to make a decision. Doesn’t help that the college lady at my school is on me like white on rice.

The ultimate goal is med school. So I’m gonna be a biology major by default. I could go to any undergrad school I want with my GPA. I’m just indecisive.

I think getting out of state would be my best bet. I wanna be away from all the drama at home. So I’ve highly considered my dream college WVU. My best friend lives in Morgantown so I’d know someone. However, I think I want a completely new start.

That being said there’s Alabama State, or University of Alaska Fairbanks Campus.

Alabama State would be my last choice. The end game is to be in Alaska, I want to retire there an have my own land. So in retrospect it’s one step closer. At least I’d have more of a feel of the area.

I honestly don’t know. For now it’s up in the air, as it gets closer I’m hoping things will fall in place.