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A Continuation | An Update On My Nexplanon Birth Control Experience 

When I say it has been a struggle, I mean that it has been a extreme struggle. From my mood changes, to new found acne, it’s been hard. I’ve had heavy discharge and bleeding, worsened migraines, fatigue, weight gain, and the list just goes on and on and on.

Like I had said in my previous post, I thought it would be good, convenient, and effective. However my expirence has not been the best.

As you may know any form of hormonal birth control can effect your mood. Also I’m sure you’re aware that life is a fickle thing that throws unexpected events in from time to time.

Since making the original post I’ve had some things happen in my life. My mother and I are being forced to move out of our current home by November 1st. We don’t have loads of money coming in, so it’s becoming a stressful and constant worry.

Before that was even an issue I was already fight with extreme mood swing, and unusual bouts of depression and anxiety. With more stress being added to the table things have just gotten worse. To be honest I’m taking things day by day. The bleeding and discharge has also worsened.

I’ve talked to my GYN about everything, and all she could say was my case was a rarity. I’ve decided to have it removed and look at my other options. I’m might just go back to the pill. But the thing about having it removed is that I have to go and see some completely different GYN. I just find it funny that they can put it in but can’t remove it. Doesn’t make much sense to me.

So that’s where I’m at with it. I don’t know if I would ever think about doing another implant or even an IUD. Since I’ve done much more research I’ve read horror stories.

If you’ve had a bad expirence with Nexplanon, or other forms of birth control like it, I would urge you to share. The more information out there, the more women can avoid these types of situations.


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A Day In My Life

Where I’ve Been | My Experience With Nexplanon Birth Control

I’m sure majority of you have noticed my absence, and for that I do apologize. It wasn’t something that I had intended to happen, but in light of what I’ve been going through emotionally, mentally, and physically I feel it was the right call.

For the last couple of months I have taken a leave from all of my social media platforms. I missed writing my blog posts, pinning new helpful things, and tweeting to fellow writers. However, during that period of time I knew I had to take a break and focus on my own health and well being.

On the 17th of May I had the birth control implant Nexplanon placed in my arm. Most of my friends had it, and I thought it would be a good and effective method for me as well. I was always forgetting to take my pill, or taking it late, and if I did ever choose to become sexually active I wanted an effective back up incase of faulty condoms.

Right away my moods changed horrifically. I was mad for no reason, at people I had no reason to be mad at. I was aware that my mood was changing but I felt like I couldn’t stop it. Then came worsening anxiety, followed by a bout of depression. I was crying all the time, and didn’t want to leave my bed. It kept me from being me and doing the things that I loved. It seemed like things got worse before they got better. It was the end of June before my moods had stabilized and return to normal. I felt like myself again.

But that wasn’t all this thing had in store for me. I started my “period” on the 10th of June. It has raged on since then. My GYN put me on 1mg of estrogen this past week in hopes of stabilizing the lining of my uterus, but I don’t think it’s working.

I was told that my case was a rarity by my doctor, but upon researching I saw otherwise. I want to say if you’re a women considering this method of BC I would shy away from it unless you’ve been on something similar. It really fucked me up, for the lack of better words, and I wish I hadn’t gotten it.

My posts aren’t going to go back to being “regular” per say, but I am going to work on it. I’m not making any definite promises as I’m on yet another pill, and there’s no telling of how the estrogen my effect me.

Monthly Goals

My Five Goals For May

I just want to say that I’m sorry this post is like two weeks late. I just have a lot going on all at once.

It’s crazy how time just flies, isn’t it? I feel like it was just last week that I had started my senior year of high school, and here I am with less than a month until graduation.

This month has already been busy, and I know that it’s going to continue to be as such. Therefore, I am going to be quite conservative when it comes to my goals for the month of May.


  • Post three book reviews this month
  • Read five new books
  • Stay active on social media
  • Finish course registrations (this may not be able to be done this month due to CollegeBoard)
  • Drink more water


These goals seem pretty attainable for me to accomplish, or so I’m thinking. I have a stack of finished books that I need to finish writing reviews for, and I have more books lined up that I have to read for review. I just really want to get caught back up on that front. As well as I want to stay active on social media. I find that when I become busy I tend to forget about Twitter and Pinterest among other social media platforms.

Apart from those things I would really like to finish registering for classes at my local community college. However, I may not be able to do the bulk of it until July so I will have to see how it goes. Also, I need to drink more water. I’ve cut out sodas completely over the last couple of months, but I still don’t find myself drinking enough water. So that’s another thing that I really want to improve upon.

What are your goals for the month of May?


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An Explanation 

Since the beginning of February my life has been a roller coaster. Literally. 

I have no idea how, but I forgot about midterm assessments. So that was a lovely time. I have never pulled so many all nighters in my life, and I never want to go through that again. I’m traumatized. 

Also, my appendix was a thing. I don’t know if I mentioned it specifically or not in my last post, but I almost had surgery. I’m so thankful that I didn’t actually have to have my appendix removed. It ended up being muscle spasms. Very intense spasms. 

However, on the bright side I’ve been cranking out words. I’ve also been in the gym, and I can lift again so it’s so exciting. So more or less, I’m trying to get my shit back together. So please be patient, I will have more content coming soon!

A Day In My Life

I’m Back

I know it’s been quite a while since I’ve posted on here. I’m sorry about that, but I’ve had a lot going on in my personal life and in school. 

So I’m back, what exactly does that mean?

I will be posting at least once a week. More if I can manage to. 

That being said I’m very happy to be back at this. I want to get back into writing, take my bodybuilding more seriously, and just be happy.