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My Goals For 2018

This year I didn’t make a resolution, and I find myself content with that decision. Yes there are things I would like to accomplish this year, however I don’t feel the need to stress myself by making those goals a must. If they happen, they happen, and if I don’t complete those goals I’m happy with that as well.

Personal Goals

If you’ve read my previous post you will know that a lot has changed in my life over the past couple of months that I have been absent. I had a stalker, moved in with my boyfriend, got engaged a month later, and even got a cat. This year my goals, not just the personal ones, are going to be different because it’s not just me anymore.

More than anything this year I want to continue to focus on being happy and loving myself. It’s something that I’ve had my struggles with over the years, but I can honestly say that I’ve improved the way I feel about myself greatly. That’s one thing I don’t want to lose.

Another thing I would like to focus on is being a good wife. I know what you’re thinking, you just got engaged so why are you getting married so soon? My future husband and I have a whole plan. What we are going to do is go to our local courthouse to apply for a marriage license and get married there. We’re doing that because we financially can’t afford a traditional wedding right now. So, we’re going to put money aside for the wedding that we want.

That all being said within the next two weeks I will be a happily married woman. So I want to focus on our relationship and make sure that I make him as happy as he makes me.

Fitness Goals

2017 was hard on my body. Between me getting sick or dealing with the unfortunate effects of my birth control it was hell. That’s being said I would like to either maintain my current weight or even lose a couple of pounds. I’m not looking to train for aesthetics I just want to be healthy.

Author Goals

This year I would like to complete 4 projects. I have everything all planned out and plotted. I just have to do it.

That being said I would also like to make more time for my writing. I’m in a whole different atmosphere now, and I feel so more at piece, so I want to get back on my grind. I want to push out the words because it makes me happy and I love it.

Towards the end of the year I would like to publish a novella for Christmas. If that doesn’t happen, I do plan on self publishing my first full length novel in March of 2019.

So those are my major goals for this year, what are yours?

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New Year, New Me

What’s Been Going On

I kind of went MIA on all social media platforms. Slowly I’m coming back, but it’s a process. The reason behind it was the fact that I was scared for my own personal safety.

If you’re a regular follower of mine, you would’ve seen my posts become sporadic before I completely dropped off the map. A guy that I had been friends with became obsessed with me. He harassed me and stalked me constantly. I blocked him on all platforms that I could find him on, but he still managed to find me.

I went silent in order to avoid conflict. To keep myself and family safe. Who knew what he would see me post, and who knew if it would cause him to lose it? I do tend to use this platform as a form of online diary to document my progress in my endeavors, help others, and share the things I enjoy. I just wanted to play it safe.

Big Changes

A lot has happened in my personal life. By a lot I mean a lot.

I moved. Again something that partially involved my own personal safety but only partially. Only partially because I got engaged.

I’ve never been so happy and content. I’m marrying the man of my dreams.

As some of you may also know, I’m a pre medical student. I just finished my first semester in college with a 4.0 GPA. I didn’t think it was possible for me, not with all of the chaos that was going on in my life, but I did it.

Aside from that I am still writing. I’ve been able to complete and entire manuscript and I’ve started another. I’ve been plotting out future projects as well. I’m also setting money aside for the publication process.

So What Happens Now?

Well I’m not exactly sure. I want to get back to blogging a couple of times a week. It’s definitely my goal but we will see what happens.

The content that I will be posting will be the same general content that I was posting before.

I know that I will be posting again tomorrow, most likely, with my goals for 2018.

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Daily Writing Update (16)

Sorry I haven’t been active. I use my phone to write these posts, and unfortunately I dropped it. That baby was gone. However I have gotten a new one, so thing should be back to normal. 

Today I didn’t do much in the way of writing, but I have good news to share, like really good news. I’m so excited. So let me share. Today I came into a small chunk of unexpected money, and that unexpected money is enough to by scrivner! Which has a compile feature! Also a friend of mine got a new laptop, and gave me his old dell. So baby steps. It’s not a Mac, and it’s not vellum, but it’ll work short term. I feel so motivated right now. 

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Daily Writing Update (12) +A Peak Into My Brain

This evening I am not only going to talk about my progress, or lack thereof, as I normally would. I also am going to say my piece on something that bothers me quite a bit. How authors can treat one another. 

Today I got 200 words out. The story I’m working on has plateaued for me, and I’m not sure what to do about it. This sort of feeling towards a story hasn’t happened to me before. I’m hoping that if I put it aside for the time being, and work on something else for the next few days I’ll see a change towards it. 

I’ve been writing since I can’t remember. Creating stories in my head that I wanted to share with others. Along the way I discovered various websites and forums where us authors, published or not, could share our works and expirences. I believe that these places are a useful tool, but people can also take things too far. Which is why I personally limit myself to certain places. 

Not to long before I sat down to write this post I was browsing the Kboards Writer’s Cafe. I came across a post where a new author was  publicly naming another author that was established within the same genre, and accused her for ghostwriting. Now who cares if her books are ghostwritten or not right? But the thing is why do we have to be rude to one another? To pick at one another in such attempts to ruin someone’s name. 

Personally I have had my own issues with others rudeness. Even on the sites I limit myself to. I just don’t think we need to be mean to one another. 

I am aware that on some level we are all in a competition of sorts. Who can sell the most books. However we help each other quite often, sometimes without even realizing so.  We don’t need to claw at each other, to be successful. 

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Daily Writing Update (11)

Today started off as a bit of a struggle. I couldn’t decide where I wanted the scene I was writing to go, and it was frustrating. However I did get some writing accomplished. 391 words worth. 

Not entirely my best work, but better then yesterday’s nothing. Thanks to the lovely Mother Nature I have no school tomorrow. Which happens to be perfect because I’m hoping to get quite a bit accomplished tomorrow. 

Happy Writing Everyone!

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Daily Writing Update (9)

So I’ve been absent on her for a little while. Not nearly as long as I have been in the past, thank God, but I have been absent. I’m sorry about that. I’ve been dealing with a hell of a lot of stuff. I got sick, people ended up in the hospital, I had to help those people out, I have school, and tests, and homework, and I have to go to they gym everyday. 

And you know what, before I knew it everything had gotten away from me. I was caught up in everyone else’s lives, and had no time left for myself. My priorities slipped from me, and I’m pissed at myself for letting that happen. 

However, I would like to say that I wrote today. I actually wrote productive words. 1,100 of them so far today. I’m very please with myself. I’m taking it one day at a time, so I don’t get overwhelmed, but I will be back in the swing of things. I just have to find my balance again. 

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Daily Writing Update(8)

Today’s Outcome

Picking up speed over here, and I’ve also been hitting down my next projects in the order I want to complete them. In sort of a business plan fashion. Not a lot to report, but I’ve been busy. 

Plans For Tomorrow 

Tomorrow I’d like to buckle down, and get a couple thousand word out. We’ll have to see though, because I have a list of things I have to do. 

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Daily Writing Update (3)

Today’s Outcome

Today was pretty good as far as my writing goes. I got 478 words done on the prequel, and added in a new twist that I think will make things much more interesting. 

Plans For Tomorrow

Well I have a lot to type up. Like thousands of words. I also want to maybe finish the prequel tomorrow. I wanted to finish it today, but I added the new twist and things took off. 

What are your writing plans for tomorrow?